Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Yes, it's Tuesday. Have you ever noticed that Tuesday is the least commented on of all the weekdays? Monday we have "I hate Mondays.", and "It's back to work Monday.", and all those comments that we invariably use. Wednesday is Humpday, middle of the week and everyone is getting excited that the week is half over, Thursday is "Hey! Tomorrow is Friday!", then Friday is the end of the workweek, TGIF, and usually a date with the significant other. Saturday is a day of play and Sunday we have all the sports that everyone loves. But then there's Tuesday. Do we ever have anything to say about it? Even if a holiday like a President's birthday falls on it, we put it back to Monday and have a 3-day weekend. So Tuesday is, well, just Tuesday. Should we do something about this? Or do we need a day where nothing ever happens. Personally, I think we could use a blah, nothing to say day, but I could be wrong. I suppose I am wrong since here I am writing about it. lol Anyway, just a rambling thought I had this morning before I decided to get out of bed. Feel free to comment. ;)


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