Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Stuff!

You know I love to knit sooooooo, 
I'm going to show you something I bought for it.
These things are just amazing!

I bought 2 sets of interchangeable wooden needles,
* Wood is so much better than steel
or any other slippery needles*,
2 sets of cables to go with the needles,
some stitch separators and some tip protectors.
Now ordinarily, you'd just say they're
just like any other cables or needles you'd buy.
They're not.
For one, the needles screw on tightly
with the help of the tool that comes with them.
don't you just love the colors of those needles?
Third, they also come with thread protectors
for the ends of the cables.
So if you want to stop working
on one project, you can just
put the thread protectors on the ends of
the one you're working on
and put the needles on another cable you want
to work on, so you're not limited to
just one project!
☺ ☺ ☺

I bought these things because you really
can't make any large pieces
with 10 or 12 inch needles.
For example, in this next picture, you can see
2 regular needles that are holding 80 stitches.
Now the brown circle you see is a cable
with 520 stitches on it!

Awesome, isn't it!

To get these wonderful interchangeable sets,
there's only one place that has
these beautiful needles.
You can get them at:

 (store if there's one near you, or on line at

So next time you're thinking of
shopping for knitting supplies,
head on over to


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    I agree about wooden needles being better too.

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